The Importance of Using Communication Technology Wisely

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  • 0:02 Technology Issues
  • 1:04 Email Etiquette
  • 1:56 Texting Etiquette
  • 2:36 Social Media
  • 3:22 Telephone
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
It is very important for businesses to use communication technology wisely. This lesson explores why companies need guidelines or a code of conduct for employees to understand the limits of cell phones, emails, texting, and social media.

Technology Issues

Have you ever sat across from someone at work and watched them text on their phone during an important meeting? Or have you ever been fired from a job via an impersonal email? Technology might have created a new, easy, productive way to be successful for businesses, but it has also caused numerous issues.

Communication technology encompasses every communication device and application imaginable, including phones, computer hardware and software, and web applications. The ultimate goal for a company is to be able to utilize communication technology productively.

To achieve this goal, companies and employees must use technology wisely. They should create guidelines for a professional code of conduct to help employees understand the limits and proper rules of cell phones, emails, texting, and social media.

Bumbling Bill is the sales representative for Honey Cake Pies. He is on a path of career suicide as he does not know how to use communication technology wisely. Let's take a look at how his career can be saved.

Email Etiquette

Bumbling Bill thinks that you can send any type of message through email. His largest Honey Cake Pie customer was floored when they received an email from Bill stating that their entire order was destroyed during transit. There was no apology in the email, and the manager didn't even get to read the email until after the truck was due to drop off product.

Emails, or electronic messages, are not always the most appropriate way to send sensitive information. In Bill's case, the information was urgent and of high priority, so he should have called the manager immediately to inform him of the problem with the order.

Lastly, emails should not be used to convey emotional topics, such as when firing or reprimanding an employee. The best usage for emails is to send detailed information that is not time sensitive. It is also important to understand how to use texting as a communication tool.

Texting Etiquette

'How R U? Do u want 2 go 2 night?' These are the text messages, or messages sent by cell phone, that Bumbling Bill sent to his boss during the day. His boss quickly responded that the company only uses texting for emergencies, to send directions, or a quick piece of information.

Most companies view texting in the business world as too informal or inappropriate. Text messages can easily be compromised or misunderstood. Bumbling Bill received a reprimand (via a face-to-face in-office meeting) to stop using texts to communicate during the business day. Hopefully Bumbling Bill's social media skills are better.

Social Media

Bumbling Bill spent a lot of time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He loved trolling the pages to see what friends were up to every day. He started trying to connect with coworkers and even his boss on these accounts. One of Bill's coworkers quickly explained to him that it is best to keep his private social life away from the eyes of his company connections.

Social media can be a great way for companies and employees to connect via a business site such as LinkedIn, but personal information and activities do not always blend well with business networking on social media sites like Facebook. The coworker also told Bill that social media is used internally for the company to communicate, promote, and share industry/product news.

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