The Interrelationships Between STEM & Society

Instructor: Christie Spadafora

Christie has a B.S. and an M.S. in Biology. She teaches life and chemical science courses at college, high school, and middle school levels in MA.

As time goes on, science, technology, engineering, and math become more and more tangled in current society. This lesson will give an overview of various ways in which STEM and society have become intertwined.

What is STEM?

STEM is a decades old acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Why these four subject areas? STEM jobs are a pivotal part of the American economy and are only projected to increase as time goes on. In 21st century America, it has become increasingly more important for students to have an understanding of these four content areas in order to be successful in the business world. Let's take a quick look at how invasive these four areas are in our current society.

Science and Society

Whether or not we realize it, science is a part of our daily lives. Chemistry explains why an egg white turns from clear and colorless to opaque and white when cooked. Forensics determines guilt and innocence in criminal cases and has opened the doors to numerous forms of entertainment, including 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'. Paternity testing - including dramatic TV shows focused on the topic, as well as 'Who's Your Daddy' mobile paternity testing vehicles - drastically changed with the discovery of DNA and can now prove whether or not any man is the father of any child in question. Blockbuster pharmaceuticals and advanced medical practices have extended the average lifespan of humans. Science drives our daily lives, even if we are no longer in science class.

DNA is responsible for Forensics, Paternity Testing, and many other modern advances

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