The Job Requisition Process & Postings

Instructor: Pranav Patel
This lesson will discuss the process of requesting jobs, receiving approval of requisitions, and monitoring open positions. It will also cover the need for posting job announcements in both the internal and external setting.

Job Requisition Process Overview

The Job requisition process is a critical function of any business as it provides key resources that help a business function. Incorrectly matching job openings with resources can cost a company significantly.

Requesting Jobs and Receiving Requisition Approvals

A job requisition begins with a need from a hiring manager to fill a resource void. Either there is more work than can be handled or maybe someone is leaving and needs to be replaced. When this need arises they will let Human Resources (HR) know the skills and experience required to fill this opening. This is typically known as a job description. It is HR's duty to ensure the job description does not violate any laws or HR policies before approving the requisition. Once HR has approved the requisition they can begin the process of filling the requested role.

Posting Internally and Externally

A job requisition can be posted internally, externally or both. Some jobs require a current intimate knowledge of the company and therefore will only be posted internally to ensure the candidates that apply have at least been with the company. Sometimes company policy will require hiring managers to look inside the organization first prior to looking outside. This may be to promote career growth within. However, if too much time passes and an ideal candidate cannot be found, the search may move towards external candidates. An external search is a much different process because a candidate's background information may be unavailable to the hiring manager. They cannot simply call the candidate's supervisor to confirm the work they have done. Many times recruiters will have to rely on references provided by the candidates themselves or solely on the interviews. This brings an element of greater risk. However, the obvious plus side to looking externally is the large number of applicants available to choose from. Posting on job boards, newspapers and through staffing agencies helps recruiters find as close a fit as possible to the job description.

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