The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Plot Summary

Instructor: April DeBord

April has taught Spanish and English as a Second Language and she has her Ed. S. in Foreign Language Education.

C. S. Lewis really knows how to tell a story. He takes a lion, a witch and a wardrobe and gives us a magnificent adventure with the Pevensie family: Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.

The Country House

In C. S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, the Pevensie children - Peter, the oldest brother; Susan, the oldest sister; Edmund, the younger brother and, last but not least, Lucy, the youngest sister - have to leave home. There are bombs going off all around London, and they're not safe. They travel by train to the country, where they stay in a huge house with an old professor. The house is full of strange and mysterious things.

The Wardrobe

One day when they're exploring the old house, Lucy stays behind in a room with an old wardrobe, which is a free-standing closet. She steps into the wardrobe and soon finds a strange, snowy world called Narnia. At the lamppost right outside of the wardrobe, she meets a faun, which is a magical creature (think a person with legs like a goat). The faun's name is Mr. Tumnus, and he invites her to tea. While they're having tea, Mr. Tumnus starts crying. He has to capture Lucy because he's a slave to the evil White Witch. Lucy begs him to let her go, and he does.

The Wardrobe

When Lucy gets back from Narnia, she runs to tell her family. They all go to look at the wardrobe and find it has just a normal wooden back with no magical world beyond; plus, she had only been gone for a few minutes. Lucy's brother Edmund teases her nonstop.

Lucy Returns to Narnia

Later, Lucy goes back to the wardrobe, and Edmund follows her. She enters Narnia again, and Edmund does, too. Edmund meets the Queen of Narnia (really the White Witch). She feeds him magical candy, called Turkish Delight, and promises him more if he'll bring his brother and sisters to Narnia. Edmund heads back to the lamppost, and he and Lucy meet. Lucy tells him that the Queen of Narnia and the White Witch are the same person, but he doesn't believe her.

When they get back, Lucy is excited because Edmund has now been to Narnia. Edmund lies and tells them Lucy is lying, too. Peter and Susan are worried, so they take Lucy to talk to the professor. He surprises everyone when he says that Peter and Susan should believe Lucy. One day, when they're all trying to get away from the housekeeper, they hide in the wardrobe.

Everyone in Narnia

They all arrive in Narnia and go to Mr. Tumnus' house. He has been arrested by the White Witch. They meet a family of beavers who promise to take them to see the King of Narnia (a lion named Aslan).

However, Edmund disappears to tell the evil White Witch the plan. She is mad and afraid that Aslan and the children will take Narnia away from her. She starts treating Edmund very badly.

Aslan, King of Narnia
Aslan the Lion King

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