The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Summary: Chapters 11-12

Instructor: Kristina Washington-Morris

Kristina has taught a variety of elementary classes and has a master's degree in elementary education.

Have you ever been lost and frightened? The children of ''The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,'' by C.S. Lewis, have to find their way home while in a magical land called Narnia. This lesson summarizes the events of chapters eleven and twelve.

Chapter Eleven - Aslan is Nearer

This chapter follows Edmund, the third born of the four human children in Narnia. Edmund had traveled to the Witch-Queen of Narnia's castle home in hopes she would once again give him the enchanted Turkish Delight, sugar coated jelly candies, he had been greedily dreaming of. The Witch-Queen instead shows her true self and is cruel to Edmund, giving him only stale bread and water. She then sends her wolves to kill Edmund's siblings.

The Witch-Queen gets her sledge, or sled, and begins a journey into the cold winter toward Aslan, the lion king. She makes Edmund sit next to her without a coat. As they travel into the cold night, Edmund keeps getting covered with snow until he is wet and miserable. It is during this ride that Edmund finally wishes he would have stayed with his brother and sisters instead of siding with the evil Witch-Queen.

A Sledge

Morning comes and Edmund notices he is slightly warmer and the snow is turning to rain. The land and rivers around them begin to change as if it were spring. The Witch-Queen sees a group of forest animals having a small party in the warm light of morning. She stops and asks the happy group why they are feasting. When they tell her St. Nicholas had brought the food, the Witch-Queen becomes furious and turns the whole group into statues. Edmund yells ''no'', in hopes she will spare the helpless creatures. It's the first time he is concerned about others.

Chapter Twelve - Peter's First Battle

While Edmund is on a fearful journey with the Witch-Queen, his siblings travel with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver to find Aslan. Peter, Susan, and Lucy also notice Narnia warming into spring. They get to truly enjoy the shift in weather on their walk. It takes them only a day to make it to the stone table where they meet Aslan for the first time. The children are intimidated by Aslan and are frightened to be first to introduce themselves. Peter, being the oldest, realizes it is his duty to step forward and speak to the lion king. This shows Peter is the courageous older sibling.

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