The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Summary: Chapters 15-16

Instructor: Lindsey Hays

Lindsey has taught Elementary Education, Spanish immersion, and ESL. She has a MS in Elementary Education with a BA in Spanish.

In this summary of Chapters 15 and 16 of C.S. Lewis's ''The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,'' we will see hope restored to the land of Narnia. Aslan comes back to life just in time to join in the battle against the White Witch's army.

Hope is Restored to Narnia

We left Chapter 14 with the White Witch taking Aslan's life. Deep sadness had fallen over Susan and Lucy, as it seemed that all hope was lost. In Chapters 15 and 16 the tables are turned as Aslan comes back to life. Joy spreads through Narnia as Aslan restores the statues the Witch has captured. Chapter 16 finishes with Susan, Lucy, Aslan and his army joining Peter and Edmund in the battle against the White Witch.

Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time

As Chapter 15 begins, the Witch calls for her creatures to finish the war, and they run off with intent to kill the rest of Aslan's army. Susan and Lucy go to Aslan in tears. They spend all night at his side, trying to clean him up and honor him. Little mice come and begin nibbling the cords around Aslan, freeing him.

The girls look out over Cair Paravel, when suddenly they hear a great sound, ''as if a giant had broken a giant's plate.'' They turn back to see the Stone Table broken in two and Aslan no longer there. They fear he has been taken, but instead they see Aslan appear before them, even greater than he has ever looked before.

Aslan returns to life strong and fierce in chapter 15

Aslan explains that there is an even deeper magic that comes from before the dawn of time, that says that if an innocent victim willingly allows himself to be killed in place of a traitor, the Stone Table would break and ''Death itself would start working backward.''

Aslan leaps around with joy while the girls chase him in delight. Aslan gives a great roar to symbolize his restored strength and takes the girls onto his back. They set off into the forest at great speed and travel until they reach the Witch's castle. Aslan leaps over the stone wall, and Susan and Lucy find themselves with him in the Witch's courtyard, filled with statues of creatures she has turned to stone.

What Happened About the Statues

Aslan breathes on the statues, and they turn back into their fully living selves, frolicking about in joy. They rush inside to begin searching for any other statues of creatures that were captive. Aslan breathes life on each one, even Mr. Tumnus who Lucy finds and is overcome with excitement.

There is a battle between good and evil at the castle of the White Witch in chapter 16

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