The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Summary: Chapters 5-6

Instructor: Sabrina Hairston

Sabrina has taught a variety of subjects and grades as a substitute teacher and will complete her MAT in 2016.

Lucy's adventures continue as her brother betrays her, her sanity is questioned, and her leadership is appreciated. Come along as all of the children discover Narnia and begin the quest for Mr. Tumnus.

Edmund Knows!

There is something special in the air as chapter five begins. The children had been playing a game of hide and seek in the previous chapter, and Lucy and Edmund emerge from the wardrobe trying to find Susan and Peter. When they all meet in the long room, Lucy can barely hide her excitement to tell the others that Edmund has been to Narnia with her. Up until this point, Edmund has not been very truthful or kind; but he now has a chance to change all that. Peter questions Edmund about the adventure as a theme of betrayal begins to emerge. A theme is a topic that keeps appearing in the story. Instead of answering Peter truthfully, Edmund lies. In fact, he pretends that nothing has happened and Lucy is just making everything up. Lucy is crushed.

Is She Crazy?

Peter and Susan are worried about their little sister as the theme of uncertainty emerges. Ever since they have been in this new house Lucy has been acting strange. Not knowing what else to do, they decide to go to the professor. The professor gives them advice that no one expected: he suggests that Lucy may be telling the truth.

Into the Wardrobe

Chapter five ends and chapter six begins with the children trying to escape Mrs. Macready and the guests that are visiting the house. It seems she and the guests are following the children. With no other option, the children flee into the wardrobe room. They hear footsteps getting closer. They see the doorknob turn. Quickly they jump into the wardrobe and pull the door.


The Truth Comes Out

The wardrobe is getting uncomfortable when Peter notices something sticking into him. Susan comments on how cold it seems and also feels something strange. She takes a look behind her and finds that she is sitting against a tree.

All four children have found themselves in Narnia. Immediately, Peter turns to Lucy and apologizes. He and Susan now realize Lucy has been telling the truth. Tension fills the air as the attention turns to Edmund. It's clear that Edmund has lied to Peter and Susan about ever being in Narnia.

Lucy Takes the Lead

Knowing that Lucy has been in Narnia before and knows her way around, Peter asks her to take the lead and a theme of gratitude appears. Lucy accepts the offer, and she leads the others to Mr. Tumnus' house. She had enjoyed her time there so much it only makes sense to introduce her brothers and sister to her new friend. Off they go down the little valley.

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