The Little Red Hen Story: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Deb Maxwell

Deb has an MA in education and 15 years of elementary classroom experience.

'The Little Red Hen' is a classic folktale. Like most folktales, the story teaches a lesson: this story is used to teach kids the value of working hard and the consequences of laziness. See how this story's lesson could be applied to many situations!

The Story of the Little Red Hen

One morning, the Little Red Hen went for a walk. She was admiring the lovely trees and blooming flowers when she noticed some grains of wheat lying on the path.

"Wow!" exclaimed the Little Red Hen. "What a great find! With a little bit of effort, I can turn this into a delicious loaf of bread."

The Little Red Hen hurried home to tell her friends about her plan.

She gathered her friends: cat, pig, and duck. "Look, I found some grains of wheat. Let's plant it and make our own bread."

"We love fresh bread," said the cat, the pig, and the duck.

"Who will help me plant the wheat?" asked the Little Red Hen.

"Not I," said the cat.

"Not I," said the pig.

"Not I," said the duck.

"Very well,'' said the Little Red Hen, ''I will plant it myself." And she did.

The wheat grew and soon it was ready to cut. The Little Red Hen asked her friends,

"Who will help me cut the wheat?"

"Not I," yawned the cat.

"Not I," laughed the pig.

"Not I," exclaimed the duck.

"Very well," said the Little Red Hen. "I will cut the wheat myself." And she did.

"The wheat is cut and it is ready to be taken to the mill to be turned into flour. Who will help me take it to the mill?"

"Not I," said the cat lazily.

"Not I," said the pig with a grunt.

"Not I," called the duck from the pond.

So, the Little Red Hen carried the wheat to the mill and carried the flour home.

"I'm home," the Little Red Hen called to her friends when she arrived. "Who will help me bake the bread?"

"I'm too busy," said the cat.

"I'm too busy, too," said the pig.

"I'm busy, three," said the duck.

So, the Little Red Hen set to work. She mixed the dough. She kneaded the dough. She let the dough rise, and then she baked it in the oven. The smell of baking bread floated all over the farm.

"The bread smells delicious, I can't wait to taste it." said the cat.

"I'll have 2 pieces of bread!" said the pig.

"My mouth is watering," said the duck, "Let's cut the bread!"

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