The Lorax Discussion Questions

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

''The Lorax'' is an amazingly deep book. It isn't just a cute little story for kids; it is a huge politically-themed work with layered meaning throughout. This lesson includes discussion questions related to ''The Lorax'' that are appropriate for both younger and older students.

The Lorax: Who is it for?

While The Lorax appears to be a children's story because of its sing-songy verse pattern and illustrations, it incorporates deep societal issues and advanced grammatical techniques. Older students can certainly get quite a lot out of studying this classic Dr. Seuss book. No matter the age of your students, if you focus on age-appropriate themes, discussing this book can be educational and entertaining.

This lesson offers discussion questions that might suit either young students or older students. The questions for younger students could be elaborated to be a good fit for older students, while the questions for older students may be able to be pared down to be more appropriate for the younger students.

Discussion Questions for Younger Students

  • Dr. Seuss loves to rhyme. Do you think the sing-songy rhyming in The Lorax helps you pay attention to the story, or does it distract you? Discuss whether you prefer the rhyming style of his writing or would you prefer something different? If different, what?
  • What message do you think the book is trying to get across to the reader? Do you agree with that message? Why or why not? As you discuss this, support your ideas with evidence from the book and real life.
  • Why are there so many 'silly' words in Dr. Seuss books? Do they distract you from reading or do you like them? Discuss if it is good to read books with made-up words.
  • Have you ever heard of a real-world situation similar to what is happening to the Truffula trees? What happened?
  • In the story, the Humming Fish walk away when their pond gets polluted. Can fish in real life do this? How can they be saved from pollution? How can a polluted pond be made clean again? Is it worth it to try?
  • Is the Once-ler a bad guy? Did your opinion of him change as you read the book? Why or why not?

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