The Monuments Men Film and Book Discussion Questions

Instructor: Anthony Cognata

Anthony has taught multiple grade levels in middle school, coached across contents, and has a master's degree in Educational Leadership.

Use the following discussion questions to examine both the Robert Edsel non-fiction book 'The Monuments Men' and the George Clooney movie 'The Monuments Men'. Use these to guide discussions, push student thinking, and to compare the two works.

The Monuments Men - Real Life and Hollywood Fiction

As the height of one of the most significant human events raged on, a select group of men dedicated to the arts led one of the most fascinating expeditions of the entire Second World War. The struggles and adventures of these men have been captured in two different media forms. First, Robert Edsel wrote a non-fiction book entitled Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History. Then, years later, famous actor George Clooney came along and produced and starred in a movie version of this story, entitled 'The Monuments Men'.

While structured differently and told in different ways, both are stories of the power and importance of art. The following questions are meant to guide a class of middle school students through an examination of the book and movie - and to challenge their critical thinking abilities as they compare the two.

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