The Name of This Book is Secret Discussion Questions

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

'The Name of this Book is Secret' is a children's mystery novel by Pseudonymous Bosch about two 11-year-old sleuths who are investigating the death of a magician. This resource provides discussion questions about this novel.

The Name of this Book is Secret

Pseudonymous Bosch's The Name of the Book is Secret is a novel for upper elementary and middle school students about the mysterious death of a magician and the adolescent detectives, Max-Earnest and Cass, who are investigating it. The following questions support classroom discussions about this book.

The Mystery

The questions in this section help students better understand the characters and their mission.

  • Compare Cass and Max-Ernest. What do they have in common? How are they different? Why do you think they become friends? How are you and your friends different from each other? How do your differences make your interactions more interesting?
  • What is the secret of the Symphony of Smells? Why does Cass call it that? What do Cass and Max-Ernest find inside? What do you think it means? What would you do if you found this information?

The Investigation

This section contains questions that examine the tactics used to solve the mystery.

  • Why do Cass and Max-Ernest go to the house of the dead magician? What do they find there? Do you agree with their decision to go to the house? Why?
  • Who are Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L.? What adjectives would you use to describe them? What motivates Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L.? Why are they interested in Cass and Max-Ernest? What would you do if you were being followed?
  • What leads Cass and Max-Ernest to Pietro Bergamo? What is unique about Bergamo and his brother, Luciano? Who is the Golden Lady? What do the Golden Lady and Ms. Mauvais have in common? What can you infer about them?
  • Who is Benjamin Blake? What happens to Benjamin? Why do Cass and Max-Ernest disagree? Which of them do you think is correct? Explain your answer.
  • What do you think of Cass' decision to investigate Benjamin's disappearance on her own? What would have been a better plan?
  • What steps does Cass take to find out more about Dr. L. and Ms. Mauvais? How did Cass use her reasoning skills to determine these steps?

Mystery Solved

In this section, the students will discuss the resolution to the mystery and next steps for the characters. They will also examine the author's choices.

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