The Outsiders Chapter 10 Summary

Instructor: Dori Starnes

Dori has taught college and high school English courses, and has Masters degrees in both literature and education.

After Johnny dies, Dally bolts, leaving Pony stranded at the hospital. Pony has just made his way home when the phone rings. Dally is on the line, and things are about to get much, much worse for the Greasers. This lesson focuses on Chapter 10 of ''The Outsiders''.

Review of Previous Events

Ponyboy Curtis and his best friend Johnny Cade were responsible for the death of Bob, a teenage boy from a gang of rich kids from the West side of Tulsa known as Socs or Socials. Though Pony and Johnny acted in self-defense, their actions had consequences that were more far-reaching than anyone could have guessed. Pony, an orphan raised by his brothers and their gang of Greasers on the poor East side of Tulsa, faced separation from his brothers if he got into trouble, so he and Johnny ran away rather than face the law for what they'd done.

While in hiding, Johnny and Pony accidentally started a fire. Though they and a friend of theirs named Dallas Winston, or Dally, managed to save the kids that were trapped in the burning building, Johnny was badly burned and ended up dying of his wounds.

Pony makes it Home

After Johnny dies, Dally rushes out of the hospital. Pony wanders around outside, trying to forget that Johnny is dead. Eventually, someone stops and offers Pony a ride, so he gets into the car. Pony must look pretty rough, since the driver tells him that he is bleeding on the seats in the car. Pony touches his head, and his hand comes back covered in blood. He must have gotten cut in the rumble with the Socs, though he doesn't remember.

The man drives Pony home, where he finds the rest of the gang. Pony tells them that Johnny is dead, and then says Dally took off too, looking like he would explode. Dally loved Johnny more than anyone else in his life. Pony's brothers, Sodapop and Darry tell Pony to sit down, but he doesn't want to.

A Greaser in the 1960s
A Greaser in the 1960s

The Fate of Dallas Winston

Just then, the phone rings. Darry tells the others that it was Dally on the phone. Dally robbed a grocery store, and the cops are chasing him. He's going to try to get to the vacant lot so the other boys can hide him. Pony and the rest of the Greasers make it to the lot at the same time Dally does.

Sirens are blaring in the distance, and a police car pulls up. The cop gets out of the car and Dally pulls something out of his waistband. Pony has a sudden memory of what Dally told him and Johnny while they were hiding out. He'd taken to carrying a gun, Dally told them, but it wasn't loaded.

Dally points the gun at the policeman, and Pony realizes that the cop couldn't have known the gun had no bullets in it. The policeman shoots Dally, who crumbles to the ground. Pony realizes that Dally wanted to die after Johnny did, and muses that 'Dallas Winston…always got what he wanted'.

Unlike Johnny, Dally won't be called a hero to anyone but the gang. Suddenly everything runs together and Pony falls into a complete faint.

Dally got what he wanted.
Dally got what he wanted.

Pony's Recovery

When Pony wakes up, he sees Soda sitting on the bed beside him. Soda tells him he's very sick. Pony asks Soda if Darry is sad that he is sick. Soda agrees, and tells Pony to go back to sleep. Pony does.

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