The Outsiders Chapter 6 Questions

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

Teachers, students will confirm they read Chapter 6 by accurately answering the discussion questions. Utilize the extension questions to enhance their critical thinking skills.

Their Misdeeds

  • Who was Cherry Valance? Which gang is she associated with? Why is she trying to help Johnny and Ponyboy?
  • How did Johnny and Ponyboy disguise themselves? Be specific. They have already been identified as the perpetrators. List the specific quote in the chapter to support this statement. Do you believe the disguise will work? Explain. If not, discuss what else you believe they should do to further hide their true identities.
  • Besides the authorities, who was looking for the pair? Who wasn't looking for them? How did that make them feel?
  • What does Johnny want to do to rectify the situation? Are the others in agreement? Explain how they felt about Johnny's solution. Dally actually showed emotion in this scene. Describe what he said about Johnny.
  • Dally's childhood is explained in great detail in this chapter. Use specific quotes to discuss what age Dally went to jail and how he grew up.

The Church Scene

  • As Dally drove Johnny and Ponyboy back to their hiding place, what did they see as they approached the church? What function had been taking place at the church before this event?
  • Why did Johnny and Ponyboy decide to enter the church? Give two reasons in your discussion.
  • What did they find in the back of the church? What action did they take?

At The Hospital

  • What impression did the paramedic have of Dallas, Johnny and Ponyboy before Ponyboy's explanation of who they really were? Was it an accurate impression?
  • After Dallas, Johnny and Ponyboy were out of the church, the bystanders heard a loud boom inside the church. What made this noise?
  • Describe Dallas, Johnny and Ponyboy's injuries in detail based on the explanation in the chapter.
  • Who came to visit them in the hospital?

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