The Outsiders Chapter 7 Questions

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

Teachers, confirm your students comprehension of Chapter 7 by administering the following questions as an assessment or in class discussion. Some questions probe critical thinking skills.

Inside the Curtis' House

  • Who said Ponyboy had lost weight? Why do you think he had lost so much weight? What timeframe do you think he lost the weight? Use quotes from the book to support your answer.
  • How are chores separated at Ponyboy's house? Do you have chores at your house to complete regularly? If so, explain. If not, discuss your friends or classmates chores. Do you think kids should be paid for completing chores? Why or why not.
  • Why do the brothers leave their front door unlocked? Given they are in a gang, do you think it's safe? Explain.

At Hospital And The Newspaper Article

  • Discuss how reporters and the authorities treat Ponyboy, Darry and Soda at the hospital. How are the brothers reacting to the reporters and authorities? Explain how each of them respond.
  • Discuss Dally and Johnny's injuries as explained in the chapter. Which person is in more critical condition? Who will be paralyzed for life if they live? How does Ponyboy feel about this news? Why doesn't he break down and cry?
  • What was the headline on the front of the newspaper after the church fire? Who brought the newspaper to the brothers' house? What did the article say about Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy?
  • Why would Dally be disappointed about the article? What information would he have wanted in the article? If you were Dally would you have been satisfied with the article? Why or why not?
  • In this chapter, we learn Johnny and Ponyboy will be punished for the Soc's murder after all. They each have different repercussions, explain. Are their repercussions similar to what would happen to them in today's time?

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