The Pearl Chapter 5 Questions

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

The Pearl is a deep and compelling story about the flaws of human character. Use the questions in this lesson to ensure your students understand the events and symbolism found in chapter five.

Chapter Five

In the fifth chapter of The Pearl, many tragedies occur that hold deep meaning to the story and each character. We see the worst of human behavior and the greatest of soul suffering in this chapter. The questions below give students a chance to consider the events of the chapter, as well as the deeper symbolism that lies within the story.

Questions About Events

  • Why does Juana want to get rid of the pearl? Why does she secretly take the stone to the beach?
  • What happens when Kino catches Juana on the beach? Why do you think he was so angry? How do Juana and Kino see the pearl differently? Which do you think was right, and why?
  • Explain the attack that happened to Kino in this chapter. Do you think he deserved this treatment? Why or why not?
  • After Kino's attack, why did Juana return the pearl to him? Why didn't she destroy it, or leave it hidden?
  • What has happened to Kino's boat? Why didn't he take someone else's boat to escape?
  • What happens when Kino and Juana return to their hut? Where do they go to hide? Why did Kino's brother lie to the villagers about Kino's whereabouts?

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