The Pigman Chapter 12 Summary

Instructor: Kaitlin Oglesby
In Chapter 12 of 'The Pigman', John and Lorraine's relationship develops in unexpected ways while the groundwork is set for a party that will leave no one in the book the same.

The Story So Far

In The Pigman by Paul Zindel, John and Lorraine befriend an elderly recluse named Mr. Pignati. The three become fast friends, with Mr. Pignati filling a need for a trusted adult in the lives of the two teenagers, and John and Lorraine providing Mr. Pignati with some much needed companionship. However, Mr. Pignati is in poor health, and by chapter 12, he has had a heart attack and is recovering in the hospital. With his house open, John and Lorraine still use it as an escape to get away from their dreadful home lives. However, things have just seemingly changed between the two, as John kisses Lorraine when the two are all alone. Chapter 12 is narrated by Lorraine.

Repercussions of a Kiss

That kiss seems to have had a real effect on Lorraine. She knows that she is in love with John, and she knows that John is not completely normal. After all, he is prone to fits of aggression and has a reputation for being able to charm just about anyone. But that kiss has her thinking that maybe, just maybe, he loves her, too. After all, something has changed about John. He acts increasingly like a husband and less like a friend, although John clearly doesn't have all the loving aspects of being a husband mastered. In any event, Lorraine makes a point to make herself a bit more appealing, such as wearing a shorter dress. This is done to the great chagrin of her mother, who thinks the dress it too short.

Playing House

John and Lorraine continue to play house, with John continuing to complain if for no other reason than to get Lorraine's attention. She admittedly is not the best at keeping house and cooking, but tries nonetheless. She calls to check on Mr. Pignati, resolving to have the house clean upon his return from the hospital. Still, she avoids the room where the pigs are kept, thinking to herself that even tidying that room would been like intruding on Mr. Pignati's soul. John, on the other hand, is content to drink beer and watch, not so much as lifting a finger around the house.

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