The Pigman Chapter 14 Summary

Instructor: Kaitlin Oglesby
Chapter 14 of 'The Pigman' sees many elements of the plot of the book receive their final resolution. From understanding Lorraine's mother to the fate of Mr. Pignati, chapter 14 provides the answers.

Catching Up

As we reach the second to last chapter of The Pigman by Paul Zindel, quite a lot has transpired. Mr. Pignati has forged a close relationship with John and Lorraine, who themselves have seen their own friendship evolve into something more. Mr. Pignati has also recently survived a heart attack, only to come home and find his most prized possessions destroyed by the carelessness of John and Lorraine during a party. In chapter 14, Lorraine narrates the last meeting with Mr. Pignati.

Lorraine's Mother

The chapter opens with Lorraine narrating a trip home in the back of a police car. She is pleading with the officers to not take her home, stating that her mother will abuse her. They seem not to care, treating her as just a hysteric drunk girl. However, when they drop her off, Lorraine's mother slaps her before sending her to bed. It is only later that Lorraine realizes why her mother is so upset - she works day and night to provide for Lorraine to have a better life, and thinks that this relationship with Mr. Pignati has sacrificed much of that. She keeps inquiring as to if Mr. Pignati did anything inappropriate. Finally, Lorraine manages to sneak out to see John.

Making Up

John has finally recovered from his drunken stupor, being told by his parents that he will have to see a therapist. Lorraine reassures him that they will forget in a few days. The two immediately turn their attention to checking on Mr. Pignati, and with a phone call, find that he is frail. They offer to come help him clean up, but he insists that it won't be necessary. However, he puts them off until they suggest meeting him at the zoo to see Bobo the baboon.

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