The Pigman Chapter 7 Summary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

John is fascinated with cemeteries and death. Mostly, he just wants to know what will happen to him in the afterlife. In chapter seven of ''The Pigman'' by Paul Zindel, John faces existential questions.

Developing Friendship

At this point in the story, we know that Lorraine and John are working together to create a memoir dedicated to the Pigman, Mr. Pignati. They first met Mr. Pignati through a prank phone call. When he offered to donate money to a false cause, Lorraine and John go to his house to take it, even though Lorraine feels badly about it. Lorraine and John begin calling him Pigman because he has an extensive pig collection. After a stressful evening at home, John and Lorraine decide to skip school the next day to hang out at the zoo with Mr. Pignati. In chapter 7, John's friendship with Mr. Pigmati leads to questions about what happens in the afterlife. Let's find out more about John and Lorraine's budding relationship with Mr. Pignati as John narrates chapter 7 of The Pigman by Paul Zindel.

The Supernatural and the Afterlife

Do you believe in the supernatural? While they're at the zoo, Lorraine thinks that some bad omens (such as a peacock attacking her) are telling them not to get too involved with Mr. Pignati. John doesn't believe the things Lorraine says about omens. 'The only difference between her fibs and mine are that hers are eerie - she's got a gift for saying things that make you anxious.' John enjoyed the trip to the zoo and appreciated the way Mr. Pignati spoiled them both with treats.

The next day, John and Lorraine start to go back over to Mr. Pignati's house after school, but then they run into Dennis and Norton. Lorraine and John are forced to go to the cemetery to drink beer so that they can hide where they were really going from Dennis and Norton. Although Dennis and Norton were there when Lorraine made the initial prank call to Mr. Pignati, John did not tell them about meeting Mr. Pignati in person out of fear that Norton might try to take advantage of Mr. Pignati.

John enjoys cemeteries because the lawns and flowers are better kept than most other places. He remembers lying on a grave looking up at the stars and wondering about the decomposition of the body below him. He realizes that he really doesn't care that much about the person beneath him. He's more worried about what will happen to him some day. John narrates, 'I'm looking for anything to prove that when I drop dead there's a chance I'll be doing something a little more exciting than decaying.'

Dinner at Home

By the time they leave the cemetery, it is too late to go to the Pigman's house because Lorraine needs to go home and check in with her mother. At dinner, Bore, John's father, is in a good mood because he did well at the Exchange that day. He talks about taking John to the Exchange a few days a week so he can learn the business. John has no interest, but Bore mocks his dream of being an actor.

After dinner, Lorraine and John make it over the Mr. Pignati's house at about 7:00 PM. He offers them wine. John doesn't remember his parents ever being as happy to see him as Mr. Pignati is when they show up. He shows Lorraine and John around the house where they make themselves comfortable. It's not much of a house and pretty junky, but it is interesting.


When Lorraine goes to the restroom, she finds a picture of Mr. Pignati's wife, Conchetta. Mr. Pigman looks upset when he sees the picture, which makes John and Lorraine wonder if there is more to the story than Conchetta being in California to visit his sister. What do you think happened to Conchetta?

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