The Role of Body Mechanics in Injury Prevention

Instructor: Kristin Lundsten

Kristin has taught pediatric and psychiatric nursing and has a master's degree in nuring education

Do you know what body mechanics are and how proper body mechanics can prevent injury? In this lesson you will learn how you can prevent unnecessary injury by practicing some simple techniques.

Understanding Body Mechanics

Have you ever attempted to move or lift an object only to wish you had waited for a buddy to help you instead? Did the sharp pain in your lower back quickly remind you of why it was a bad idea to attempt it on your own in the first place? Unfortunately, many people know from personal experience the damage poor body mechanics can cause. Injury caused by poor movement can land even the fittest of people on the couch for weeks. This is why understanding how to practice proper body mechanics may save you time, money, and unnecessary pain.

Body Mechanics

Body mechanics is the application of the science of kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of body movement and the way in which the structures of the body support movement. How we bend, stand, sit, and lift are all applications of kinesiology.

So, body mechanics is the practice of proper movement in order to prevent injury to the body, (especially the back, which is the most common area injured). Even how we sleep is an example of body mechanics. It is not uncommon for a person to sleep in a position that renders them sore and stiff instead of relaxed and well rested the next morning.

Principles of Good Body Mechanics

Using good or proper body mechanics requires the use of good posture, balance, and use of the largest muscles to do the heaviest work. Some examples of proper body mechanics are:

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