The Role of Sales Management in Personal Selling

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Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has been teaching math for over 9 years. Amy has worked with students at all levels from those with special needs to those that are gifted.

In personal selling, sales managers have important roles including ensuring that employees know what to do, how to do it, and how to get it done in the time allowed. Learn about the responsibilities of sales management in personal selling, including providing direction and motivation to staff. Updated: 11/15/2021

Sales Management

The management of a sales team plays a very important role for any company. The sales management can either make a business succeed, or it can make a business go under. In this lesson, we will see how important the role of sales management is when it comes to personal selling.

What is personal selling, you ask?

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Personal Selling

Personal selling involves marketing specifically by one sales rep to one individual at a time. Companies spend the most on this type of marketing. Why are businesses willing to spend so much on this personal selling? Because it provides the most directed type of advertising, making it the most effective. A member of the sales team can customize his or her sales message to the customer so the customer receives the best message to encourage more sales.

Personal selling is not just about calling new people to encourage them to become customers. It also includes taking orders from existing customers and providing customer service. When these sales people are taking orders, they make sure the customers are purchasing the right product for them. If the customers need something else, these salespeople make sure the customers are sold the additional items.

How does sales management relate to the salespeople that do personal selling? Sales management is there to provide both direction and motivation. Without good sales management in place, the sales team may not be as motivated and performance may drop.

Providing Direction

Providing direction involves setting the objectives for the sales team. The objectives can be the number of products sold, dollar amount sold, or the number of orders compared to the number of phone calls made. With an objective in place, it gives the salesperson something to work towards.

Once the objectives have been set, then sales management has the task of organizing the sales team. This involves dividing up the sales team so some are seeking out new customers while others are handling existing customers. Some of the sales team may be on the phone calling new people, while others in the sales team are out visiting various individuals or businesses. To handle existing customers, some of the sales team may be on the phone answering customer calls, while others have the job of fixing or repairing the products of existing customers.

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