The Role of School in Children's Social & Emotional Development

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  • 2:14 Motivation and Achievement
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Every parent knows how much school can influence a child. But in what ways is this influence positive? In this lesson, we'll examine how going to school can impact a child's development, including how children learn from each other and how motivation impacts achievement.


Samantha is an active nine-year-old. She loves to learn new things, especially things about the natural world. She helped her mother plant a vegetable garden two years ago, and she and her brother spent all last summer watching a robin family nest and feed their baby birds.

Samantha is in middle childhood, which is the time between ages seven and twelve. During this time, children grow and change a lot. They become taller, which is part of physical development. They become better at problem solving, which is part of cognitive development.

In addition, children, like Samantha, go through socioemotional development, which is growth in the area of relationships with others. A key contributing factor to socioemotional development in children is school. Let's look closer at how school plays a role in development.

Social Learning

Samantha loves school. At lunch, she sits with the science club, a group of kids from different grades that all love science. Some of the older kids talk about what they are learning in their science classes, and Samantha loves to hear about it; she learns so much! She can also bring some of her knowledge to the younger members of the science club.

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