The Rye House Plot Activities

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

While students may find history boring or dull, the Rye House plot plays out like a suspenseful novel. Students will enjoy these fun and engaging activities as they learn more about the plot.

Rye House Plot Activities

The Rye House plot occurred in 1683 when a group of conspirators decided to kill King Charles II and his brother James, Duke of York, as they passed by the Rye House during the horse races. Fortunately, a fire occurred in Newmarket and the race was canceled. Nevertheless, the plotters were severely punished for their assassination attempt. The following activities enhance student's understanding of the events during this time frame.

The Rye House is Real!

Students learned about the foiled uprising at the Rye House, but do they know the location and building still exists today? They will create a virtual field trip to explore the details further.


  • Computer with internet connectivity, presentation software and projection capabilities


  • Divide the class into 4 groups and assign one of the following topics to each:
    • Location and geography of the Rye House
    • Construction materials, year built, and initial purpose of the building
    • Interesting facts about families who have lived in the Rye House
    • Rye House as a tourist attraction
  • Ask each group to create a virtual field trip using presentation software and important visuals
  • Afterward, allow each group to present their findings

The Trial of the Century

Although the plot to kill the king failed, the plotters were severely punished. In this activity, students will take a step back in time, recreating the assassination attempt and subsequent trial.


  • Five choir robes and white wigs
  • 10-12 small white yard signs
  • Black markers

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