The Things They Carried: Setting & Genre

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Author Tim O'Brien knows the horrors of Vietnam firsthand and uses his experience in 'The Things They Carried.' Let's take a look at how O'Brien uses Vietnam and small-town America to highlight the effects of this terrible war.

Setting: Vietnam Jungles

During the Vietnam war, American Tim O'Brien fought in the jungles of Vietnam against the Viet Cong forces, a guerrilla fighting unit from South Vietnam that was on the side of the North Vietnamese. The Viet Cong were much more familiar with the jungles than the American troops were, so they were able to sneak around and arrange ambushes and traps much more effectively than the Americans.

Since he had real-life experience with that area of the war, O'Brien set a fair amount of the stories in The Things They Carried in that jungle. There are booby-traps everywhere, and the jungle itself seems to be hostile to the presence of the Americans.

This leads to an intense feeling of paranoia among the troops that O'Brien describes in the stories set in these jungles. The troops are constantly aware that death is near - they're constantly witnessing their friends getting killed and constantly fighting or killing enemies.

The tension, for those troops that live through it, often proves too much. Some soldiers run away, others go crazy, one man even shoots himself in the foot to escape. The creepy nature of the jungle, and by extension the war itself, is a stark contrast to life for these troops once they all go home to their own small towns.

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Setting: Back Home in America

O'Brien uses the stories set in America, both before and after the war, to contrast with the instability in Vietnam. Before they leave, the guys in O'Brien's unit are all used to the American way of doing things, American reliability and stability. They come back from the war totally changed, though.

After the war, all of these troops are used to a constant state of fear, paranoia, and unpredictability. They've existed for so long in limbo that they don't know what to do with a stable situation, and the people around the troops in America don't know what to do with them.

All of this adds up to a tragic situation for the troops that come back home. They're full of memories of the friends they lost, but nobody that stayed home in America can ever really understand. All of those memories, fears, and anger have to stay trapped inside.


Like the Vietnam War occupies an unstable spot in history and geography, The Things They Carried occupies an unstable spot in literary genres. It's not quite nonfiction, but it's not quite fiction, either. The individual parts of the book ride the line between essays and short stories.

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