The United States Constitution Unit Plan

Instructor: Laura McNeice

Laura has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies Education and has been teaching for 7 years in North Carolina.

As the foundation of the United States government, the US Constitution is taught in civics, economics, or government classes. The following is an outline for a unit plan on the United States Constitution.

The Structure of the United States Constitution Unit Outline

This unit is designed to examine the structure and content of the US Constitution by investigating the sections of the document and discussing its importance. This unit should take approximately 8 days to complete, but that can vary based on the pace of your students and the depth of discussion you wish to engage in. This unit is intended to be used in a high school government course with ninth grade, however differentiation for other grade levels can be found in the extensions section.

Instructional Material: Pre-discussion

Before you begin introducing new material to students, you should complete a simple verbal review with the students about what they already know about this subject, examining some of the questions below or additions you think of as students respond. You could also write the responses of students on the board and use them to reflect on throughout the unit.

  • What do you know about constitutions?
  • What are they for?
  • How many are there in the US?
  • Who creates them or changes them?
  • How do they affect your daily life?

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