The Wonder by Emma Donoghue Discussion Questions

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

Teachers utilize the discussion questions about 'The Wonder' by Emma Donoghue to confirm their student's understanding of the story. Students will also enhance their critical thinking skills as they explore their beliefs and values.

The Wonder

The following questions demonstrate students' understanding of the characters and scenes.

Chapter 1 - Nurse

  • Describe Libby's personality. If you were a character in the book, would you be friends with her, why or why not?
  • Discuss Libby's background as she arrives in the village. How does her background influence her impression of the village and the people? Do you believe your upbringing, environment and background shape your opinions? Explain.
  • Libby refuses to perform one to the basic activities of daily living. Describe which one and discuss its impact throughout the village. Why do you believe Libby's actions have caused such controversy?
  • Do you think Libby would fair better in another village? Why or why not?

Chapter 2 - Watch

  • Compare and contrast Anna's attitude toward the visitors as it relates to her mother's and Libby's. Which person's viewpoint would you choose regarding the visitors? Explain your rationale.
  • How would you describe Sister Michael? What role does she play in Libby's life? Discuss their relationship.
  • Describe the mystery surrounding Anna in Dr. Standish's and Libby's eyes separately. What do you think happened to Anna? Use specific quotes or scenes from the story to support your answer.
  • Are the events in this chapter shaping Libby's thoughts and opinions about the medical profession? Explain.

Chapter 3 - Fast

  • Discuss Anna's relationship with her brother. Do you believe they are close? Why or why not? Do you have a sibling? If so, describe your relationship with your sister or brother. If not, discuss the type of relationship you would have if you had a sibling.
  • Why does Libby try not to care about Anna? Do you think her actions are justified? Why or why not?
  • What was Libby's perception of Anna's family at the beginning of the chapter? Has it changed? Explain.
  • What do you think about Anna's family? Discuss what scenes or situations in the story shaped your opinion.

Chapter 4 - Vigil

  • Define the occupation of a nurse in your own words. How does it compare to Libby's initial definition? Has her initial opinion of a nurse changed? Explain.
  • How would you characterize Sister Michael's approach to her job? What revelation does Libby make about Sister Michael in this chapter?
  • Discuss Anna's deterioration and the other character's assessment of Anna's medical condition. Who do you agree with and why?
  • Do you believe the medical professionals in this storyline are effective? Explain.

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