Three Circle Venn Diagrams

Instructor: Mark Boster
Sometimes there are sets of things that you need to pay close attention to so that you can make a good decision. Three circle Venn diagrams can help by easily showing you the relationship between these sets.

We Want a Pet

The Smith family decided to get a pet, but Dad said it had to be small, have fur and be able to be taken for a walk. All the members of the family got to choose some animals. Some of them really chose odd animals for a pet. How odd? Just wait and see.

Choosing Pets

Mr. and Mrs. Smith decided it would be good to use a three circle Venn diagram. A Venn diagram uses overlapping circles to show how different sets are related to each other.

Take a look at Venn Diagram One. The first set, the red circle, was for a list of small animals. Sue offered the suggestion of a gecko or a chicken. So Mom wrote the words 'gecko' and 'chicken' in the red circle labeled 'Small Animals'.

William decided that he wanted either a lion or a woolly mammoth. William always wanted a woolly mammoth. Mom wrote those animals in the blue circle, the one labeled 'Furry Animals'.

Chuck wanted an alligator. He said they could put it on a leash and walk it. All the family agreed that it was possible to walk an alligator. So Mom wrote 'alligator' inside the green circle labeled 'Animals that can be taken for walks'.

Venn Diagram One

How Disappointing

The family looked at the diagram and noticed that none of the animals were furry and small and could be taken for walks. Someone else had to offer up his or her opinion.

Grandma walked into the room and said that she always wanted a small furry hamster. Mom added that to the Venn diagram. She wrote 'hamster' with an arrow pointing to the part of the diagram that was in the ' Small Animals' section, but also in the 'Furry Animals' section.

Well then Grandpa had to have his say too. ''I want to go out and walk with a gorilla,'' he said. Well, you could walk with a gorilla, and they are furry, so Mom added it to the section inside the blue 'Furry Animals' section, but also in the 'Animals that could be taken for a walk' green circle.

Little cousin Benji said a turtle was small and he could take it for a walk. Mom added 'turtle' where it was in both the red and green circles.

If you take a look at Venn Diagram Two you will see that there is still no small, furry animal you could take for a walk.

Venn Diagram Two

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