Time Management Activities for College Students

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
College is a time of change for students and helping them to refresh their time management skills is important. This lesson covers two interactive activities to assist college students in better juggling their time.

The Big Picture

By the time students get to college they should know basic time management skills. Meaning, they should understand scheduling time and making lists. However, college brings on new and unique challenges for young adults. This is likely the first time in their lives, without their parent's reinforcement, that they are in charge of:

  • Waking themselves up
  • Getting to school
  • Making food
  • Finishing homework
  • Getting to work


The activities in this lesson are 2-fold. Activity one focuses on engaging students. This will get them thinking about time management and how they can and should spend their time. Activity two will help students to practically manage their time by scheduling their daily activities. Using both an integrative and a practical approach, you can incorporate the diverse learning styles of your students and further engage them in the learning process.

Activity One

Your students won a unique lottery. Each person won $86,400. They have to spend all of the money. The money can be used for any expense, interest, gifts, or whatever they want, but they have to spend it all. If they don't spend the money it goes back to the lottery and no one can use it. They have two minutes to decide how they are going to spend their money. Once the two minutes have passed you can ask students how they decided to spend their money.

  • What did they spend the money on?
  • Why did they choose to spend the money there?

Once you have discussed how and why they spent the money the way they did, you can tell them that every day they have 86,400 seconds to spend. Like their money, how they spend their time should be based on what matters most to them.

Just as you should spend your money on things like debt and a place to live, you should also spend your time on things that you have to, like your education or your job.

Activity Two

Now that you have students thinking about how they spend their time, you can have them work on an individual exercise.

First, give your students a blank weekly schedule. Be sure it has room for them to add their courses and other weekly activities. The schedule should have a timeline of at least 5:00 AM to 2:00 AM and have room for students to write their activities into blocks. It is safe to say that most students are sleeping during the other time. If your college has online block schedules, you might have your students print theirs out and bring it to class. Have extra blank ones just in case.

Next, instruct the students to fill in their weekly schedule with their required activities and tasks.

  • Classes they are enrolled in
  • Hours at their part-time jobs
  • Athletics practice
  • Tutoring
  • Homework (at least two hours per class)

And have them select some optional activities. If they don't have any of their own, have them select from the following.

  • Jan's birthday party Friday night at 5:00 PM
  • A live concert at the school from 7:00-10:00 PM on Saturday
  • Going home on Sunday. It is a 2-hour drive there and back.

It's very important to also instruct them to include when they go to sleep, and to cross out morning blocks if they are asleep.

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