Time Management Activities for Kids

Instructor: Allison Tanner
Helping kids learn time management is extremely important. You can use fun activities to assist them in understanding the importance of time and how they can manage it.

The Importance of Time

Time management is the ability to understand the amount of time you have to complete a set number of tasks. The earlier that kids can learn about time management, the more they can benefit from the skills.

As we know, time management is important to efficiently and effectively move through the day. As kids go from staying at home during the day to being in the classroom, they begin to shift their time from play to play and homework.

The added stressors of school and homework can be challenging for children and helping them to understand the benefits of time management early on can assist them in the transition process.

You can help kids learn time management through some fun activities.

The Clock

You can use anything round that you wish, but for this lesson, we will demonstrate a clock. Give each student a copy of a clock with six slots on it. Some slots are bigger, some are smaller.

Note: Depending on the age of the kids it may be better to use a blank clock, pizza, or pie. The point here is the size of time and you don't want to confuse the children with the numbers on the clock. If the kids are older, you can use the numbers and have them schedule their time on the clock.

Time Management Clock
Time Management Clock

About Timmy

Share with the kids that Timmy is a little boy the same age as they are. Timmy has to figure out what to do with his time.

  • He goes to school
  • He has dinner with mommy and daddy
  • He does his homework
  • He has play time with Joey
  • He has soccer, Little League, football, basketball, dance practice… Whatever they might do.
  • He has TV time

Let the kids know that the clock is split unevenly on purpose. Not everything takes the same amount of time. Then ask them to put each task in a slot on the clock that is most appropriate.

Some students may put playing with Joey in the big slot from 7-10 (of course you can adjust this to the most appropriate times). They might put TV time in the big slot and homework in a small slot.


Once the students have finished their clocks ask one or two of them to share. Why did they choose the slot they chose?

Talk with the kids about how they pick the amount of time they spend on different tasks. Discuss that while we sometimes want to play with Joey for three hours, we have to get homework done so we can only play for one hour.

You can also discuss with them that making the right choice on how to spend time is important. When homework is done and if they do that first, then they have more time to spend with Joey!

Daily Practice

After students have learned about the importance of time and choosing a time, you can use your in-class clock to help them practice.

Simply use your whiteboard markers to shade in blocks of time. For example, you might color the clock red from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM to indicate recess and lunch time.

From 1:00 PM- 1:30 PM you might color in the clock green for reading time.

As time passes, you could show the students that their scheduled time is up and it's time to move to the next activity.

This visual aid will help students to see time passing and understand how you manage time in the classroom.

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