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  • 0:00 The Challenge of a Group
  • 0:40 Time Management Activity #1
  • 2:00 Time Management Activity #2
  • 4:15 Wrapping Up the Activities
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
Working in a group can be extremely challenging. This lesson provides some fun activities to help groups learn about time management and how they can make the most out of their group projects.

The Challenge of a Group

Working in a group can be incredibly challenging. When you are preparing groups to work together, it is important emphasize time management skills. Teams that efficiently manage their time and delegate responsibilities will ultimately perform better.

Often, groups are put together because there is a large project to complete. Together, they must complete a specific task, or tasks, in order accomplish something great.

An essential part of time management in a group is having a shared vision or shared idea of the end goal. Without a shared vision, groups will have a difficult time completing a task. In fact, they will probably push against each other and become counterproductive.

Time Management Activity #1

In order to help the groups understand the importance of a shared vision and time management, you can guide them through different activities that will highlight effective time management skills.

For our first activity, prepare by cutting out pieces of a large photo of whatever you like, such as a building, an animal or even scenery, then place the cutout pieces into plastic bags. Next, split the large group into small groups of four to five. Give each group a cut-out picture. Do not tell the group what the picture is. Then allow the groups to start working on the puzzle. After three to five minutes, ask them if they are having any trouble putting it together.

After 10 to 15 minutes, stop the process and bring the groups back together in order to discuss the experience. Ask them if they struggled to put the picture together, and if so, why? You can also ask them if they understand the purpose the exercise, and explain what it is you want them to take away from the activity.

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