Tinkercad Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Tinkercad is a popular, free, 3D modeling software. These project ideas can provide fun and creative ways for your students to increase familiarity with Tinkercad.


Tinkercad is a computer-aided design (CAD) tool for 3-dimensional modeling and printing. This free software is great for introducing students to basic ideas about coding, programming, and design. Technologies like these are likely to play an important role in student's futures, so it's great to give them a chance to learn and practice early on.

These projects are generally intended for students with little to no Tinkercad experience, although they can be easily modified for more advanced classrooms. To complete these design projects, ask students to first sketch out their designs and consider the basic shapes that this design can be broken into. This is how they will ultimately build their designs in Tinkercad -- by compiling and manipulating simple shapes into a cohesive 3D image.

Race Car

Ask students to design a simple box racecar using basic shapes. Students will consider how the weight, size, and shape of this car will impact its speed if placed on a downhill slope. Give students time to create and then edit and perfect their designs. If you have the time and ability, allow students to 3D print their cars. Then, hold a class race, and race the cars down a simple ramp. Afterward, ask students to reflect on how their cars performed and let them tweak their designs on Tinkercad to improve the efficiency of the racecar.

  • Materials: Tinkercad software, 3D printer and ramp if desired


You can help students learn more about music, sound, airwaves, and frequency by asking them to build an ocarina on Tinkercad. These musical instruments have been produced for thousands of years, and while typically made of ceramic they can also be built of plastic. Let students create their design, and 3D print them if possible. Then ask students to learn a song on their ocarina, or teach the class to play a song together. You can also ask students to go back and try to make a better/improved ocarina, now that they understand the mechanics of it.

  • Materials: Tinkercad software, 3D printer and ocarina sheet music if desired

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