Tobacco Abuse Prevention & Treatment Programs

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

In this lesson, you're going to learn about the many different strategies people and communities can employ to prevent the use of tobacco products as well as what key components treatment programs for tobacco use encompass.

Tobacco Use

We all know that tobacco use is dangerous; the prime example of this is, of course, smoking. It causes everything from bad breath and rotting gums to respiratory issues and cancer. Seeing as it's so bad, is there anything we can do to prevent tobacco use, and if someone is already using tobacco products, can we do anything to help them out? Is there anything to treat their addiction? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes!


How can we turn people away from something? I think you'd agree the best way we can turn people away from anything or anywhere is by making it as undesirable as possible. Smoking, although glorified in many movies and the like, is actually quite undesirable for most people. But this isn't true for everyone, especially impressionable youths.

Therefore, people, cities, and countries as a whole have several ways by which they can prevent tobacco use. The obvious one is education. Educate people in schools, especially at impressionable ages, as to the dangers of tobacco use. This one is obvious; if we show graphic images of lung cancer, people barely being able to breathe, and rotting mouths, it will turn away and scare plenty of kids.

Also, some people are very impressionable, especially to clever marketing. By considering what impression is made by the media, we can understand how people may think. Laws that restrict tobacco marketing, like TV ads, have helped prevent plenty of tobacco use. So what else can we do to prevent tobacco use if education doesn't do it for everyone?

Well, for some people money is a driving force in life when making a lot if important decisions. This means we can prevent tobacco use by making tobacco products expensive. Things like taxes on tobacco products may drive some people away from their use simply because they can't afford it.

Another idea is to make it uncomfortable. Really, make it uncomfortable for people to use tobacco products, and they will have fewer opportunities to use it. Smoking bans put in place around schools, workplaces, even public parks and restaurants, have made it difficult for smokers to use tobacco products. More importantly, it doesn't allow them to sway impressionable youths the same way it would if they are allowed to do it around areas where kids are commonly found.

Finally, we can also warn people, including adults, about the horrific consequences of tobacco product use. This may help scare people away from their use. This is why laws have been enacted that force tobacco companies to put very large and graphic warning labels on their products.


Of course, we have to be realistic here; despite all of these prevention strategies, plenty of people still smoke. Some do so because they began smoking before a lot of these prevention strategies had been put in place, and they are now addicted to their tobacco product of choice. But, of course, some are new smokers who grew up with these prevention strategies in place.

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