Token Reward Systems for Kids Template

Instructor: Frank Clint

Frank has been an educator for over 10 years. He has a doctorate degree in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction.

Try implementing a token reward system in your classroom to make your life easier and help motivate your students to make positive behavior choices. Learn ideas on how to start this type of reward system, as well as commonly used tokens and rewards.

Token System Classrooms

An effective strategy for managing student behavior is a token reward system. When a student meets a goal or makes a positive behavior choice, he or she earns a token. Students accumulate tokens in order to exchange them for prizes or privileges that have been determined by the teacher. Possible items to use as tokens are raffle tickets, coins, plastic poker chips, or any other object that can take the place of a token.

Poker chips can be reused each year.

Some schools and classroom teachers have implemented 'You've been caught!' tickets to reward students who have been caught doing the right thing.

Copy this template for duplication as a token in your classroom.

These paper tickets are given out to reinforce good behavior as part of a token reward system. Students write their name on the ticket and turn it back in for a weekly or monthly drawing.

Best Practices

Make it clear to your students that tokens are given to students randomly when you see that they are doing something the right way. Otherwise, you may find that students will expect a token every time they do something right. They will also get into the bad habit of asking for a token as if they are to be compensated for behaving properly in the first place. You as the teacher are the only one who decides who gets a token and when.

Some teachers use the token reward system as a give and take. This means that tokens are given to students for positive behaviors and taken away for negative behaviors. Examples include, being given a token for lining up correctly or losing a token for not turning in homework. Decide what works for your classroom and run with it.

Numbered tokens or tokens with student names on them will double as an effective way to call on students, assign jobs, and countless other classroom management possibilities. The best thing to do is to use numbered tokens because these can be recycled year after year. If you decide to use numbered tokens, you will need to assign corresponding numbers to your students.

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