Tolerance Lesson for Kids: Definition & Quotes

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  • 0:04 Identifying Differences
  • 0:22 What Is Tolerance?
  • 0:58 Tolerance Quotes
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rayna Cummings

Rayna has taught Elementary Education for 12 years (in both 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades) and holds a M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from The Ohio State University

Accepting your friends for who they are, the differences they bring, and the positive energy they have is showing tolerance. In this lesson, you'll learn what tolerance is and read some famous tolerance quotes.

Identifying Differences

I want you to remember a time when you were playing with your friends outside. Do you remember how all of you looked different, had different ideas about what games to play, and had different types of parents, brothers, and sisters? When you realized that you were not exactly the same as your friends, you were beginning to understand tolerance.

What Is Tolerance?

Tolerance is when you accept others who are different in their race, culture, habits, and even beliefs. When you accepted and played with your friends, you were showing tolerance and realizing that you wanted to be respected, have your ideas heard, and receive fair treatment from them, just as they wanted the same from you. You also realized that your different friends were going to introduce you to new ideas and fun experiences while you were playing with them, just like you were to them. You were accepting your friends for who they were and enjoying playing with them even if they were diverse, or different, from you because of that acceptance. That is tolerance.

Tolerance Quotes

There are many tolerance quotes, or words written and said by another person, that can help you understand tolerance and strengthen it in your own life. Some quotes are from famous Americans who have helped children like yourself show, learn, and express tolerance with others.

For example, a famous African American poet and author named Maya Angelou once said, 'In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.' This means that there is beauty within all of us, and together we are stronger than being apart. Think about when you were playing with your friends - together you had a stronger team than just being by yourself.

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