Town Locations in Spanish: Vocabulary List

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  • 2:56 Food
  • 3:22 Recreation
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lisa Warren
This video will introduce you to a wide variety of locations that you might find in a city or town, from shopping centers to eating establishments. The words are introduced through specific categories to help you keep track of them.

Locations in Town: Introduction

¡Bienvenidos a la ciudad! In this video, you will learn the vocabulary for the places you might visit in your city, la ciudad. We will break up the vocabulary into categories: eating out, health, shopping and more! Vamos a explorar la ciudad.


First, let's start by learning some locations you might visit to get your errands done. You might need to go to the bank, el banco. After that, you may need to mail some letters or packages. For this, you would go to el correo.

And, if you wanted to check out some books? For that, you would go to la biblioteca. Did you notice how that word has the same root as the English word 'bibliography,' which is a list of books? That can be helpful when trying to remember this vocabulary! Finally, you might need to do your grocery shopping. To buy food, you would go to el supermercado, which translates quite literally to supermarket.

Let's do a quick review of these locations:

Can you identify these locations in Spanish?
images of locations for spanish practice

Which one of these is la biblioteca? How about el correo? Can you tell which one is el banco? Finally, which one is el supermercado?


Now, let's talk about some places you would go for a little fun shopping. One place to find all the stores you need is el centro comercial. Among the stores you might find inside is la librería. It's easy to get this word confused with la biblioteca, but what you want to remember is that the ending ía generally indicates that it is a store, a place where you would purchase items, instead of just borrowing them.

Elsewhere in el centro comercíal, you might find la joyería. Did you notice the ending? This time, we are in a place where you can buy jewelry, las joyas. Finally, you might want to buy something for the kids. For this, you would go over to la juguetería. Here you can find all of the toys, or juguetes, that you might want for your children!

Let's see now if you are ready to go shopping:

Can you identify these shopping locations in Spanish?
images for shopping in Spanish

Can you find la joyería? Do you know which one is el centro comercíal? Next, can you find la juguetería? Finally, which one is la librería?


After all that shopping, you might be hungry. There are many places you might go to find some food. Here are two of the most common and easy to remember: First, at el café you can get some light fare and a good cup of coffee. Or, for a little more food, you can go to el restaurante. Both words are very similar to English!


Now, let's learn some places you might go in town for a little fun and relaxation. If it's hot out, you might want to go to la piscina. Or, you might want to go for a walk in el parque. If the weather isn't as nice, or you're just looking to relax inside, maybe you'd want to go to el cine.

Let's check back now and see if you can remember the words for the places you might go to eat or relax:

Can you identify these places of recreation and places to get food in Spanish?
images for places of recreation in spanish

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