Traffic Lesson for Kids: Rules & Safety

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Traffic is not just frustrating for drivers, but it can be dangerous for walkers and bike riders. In this lesson, learn how to use strategies to stay safe when you are around traffic.

Too Many Cars!

Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam? It can be pretty frustrating and might even make you late. Besides being annoying, traffic can be dangerous to people who walk or ride bikes to work or school. Let's learn some ways to stay safe when you are around traffic.

Traffic can be a problem for people driving and for those who are walking or cycling to their destination.
urban traffic

Pedestrian Tips

A person walking to a destination is called a pedestrian. You might have been a pedestrian before when you were walking to school or to a friend's house. Pedestrians need to take precautions so they can stay safe when there is a lot of traffic around.

If you are walking near traffic, always use the sidewalk. Avoid walking on the curb or the edge of the sidewalk. Walk closer to buildings just to give some extra room between yourself and traffic.

What if you need to get to a different side of the street? Use something called a crosswalk. This is a lane that protects pedestrians. There are traffic signals at a crosswalk that will tell you when it is safe to walk and when you should wait. Even if the sign says it is safe, always look in both directions to make sure a car isn't coming.

Using the crosswalk can help you stay safe when you cross a street that might have a lot of traffic.
crosswalk traffic

Sharing The Road

You might not always be a pedestrian when you are around traffic. Sometimes you might want to ride your bike to go visit a friend or travel to school. There are some important things to remember when traveling by bike to stay safe from traffic.

Always wear brightly-colored clothing. If it is dark outside and you are wearing dark clothes, a driver may not be able to see you. Use reflectors on your bike. These are small pieces of plastic that can fit on your tires, front handles, and other areas of your bike. They reflect the light from car headlights so that drivers can see you.

Ride your bike so that you are going in the same direction as the traffic. And don't think that traffic lights and signals are just for those driving cars! They are important for you too, so always pay close attention.

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