Training Programs: Evaluation Techniques & Metrics

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: John Skoy

John has an MBA and has taught college business for over a decade, both online and in person. He is a Dean of Faculty for an online university.

Almost as important as training itself, evaluation of training courses provide insight into the success and retention of information of a training session. Several evaluation techniques should be utilized and they should be compared to measurable metrics.

Introduction to Training Evaluation

Michael is the training manager for a small manufacturing firm. His job is to meet with department leaders, uncover education needs, and deliver training to employees at the company. Michael has now been delivering various training courses for over a year and is approached by management. They want to know how effective his training sessions have been for employees. Michael, in a panic, realizes that he doesn't know how to answer their question. He has unknowingly skipped one of the most important parts of training, which is the evaluation process. Without it, a trainer has no way of knowing whether their training courses are making a difference for the company.

The Purpose of Evaluating Training

The evaluation of training ensures that each training topic is focused on improving key metrics, or measurable results and is digestible to the employees participating. Trainers must ensure that they are reaching certain goals and making a difference to the company. If a trainer is delivering content that doesn't apply to the employee's performance, he or she is wasting the employee's time and the company's money. Conversely, if a trainer is delivering valuable content but the training is not being applied by the employees, time and money is being wasted. Because of this, a trainer needs to evaluate at multiple stages of the training process.

Evaluation Techniques

Evaluation should happen at several points during the training process. It will begin as a new training idea is established. Goals will be defined as to what the purpose of the training will entail and how it will be delivered. When these are identified, a trainer will evaluate them to ensure they align with the company's goals and business strategies. They will also evaluate whether the proposed delivery method aligns with the type of employee that will be trained. This process is part of the pre-training evaluation, which is the evaluation that precedes the delivery of content to employees. A training for manufacturing line employees will likely be developed differently than a training for the department heads of finance, for example.

Once the training is designed and delivered, the trainer will want to seek feedback from the participants on their experience with the training. Questionnaires, surveys, or simple feedback forms will help gauge whether employees felt the training was useful and how effectively it was delivered. This evaluation step will let the trainer know if any changes need to be made to the learning content or how it was delivered.

If the training is very in-depth or technical, the trainer may wish to include a learning assessment following the session. This can be anything from a formal test to a written summary of concepts learned. This step will help to ensure that information was successfully passed on to the employees and show any areas where follow-up training is needed on any parts of the session that were not retained or understood by the participants.

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