Trapped By The Ice Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

''Trapped by the Ice!'' tells the real story of an expedition to cross Antarctica. There's a lot that students can learn from this, both in terms of story elements and history. These activities will help you expand upon the reading of this book in your classroom.

Trapped By The Ice

Trapped by the Ice! is a book by Michael McCurdy about an ill-fated expedition to across Antarctica that actually happened in 1915. The story follows Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew as they are forced to abandon their ship The Endurance to cross Antarctica by foot. These activities are designed to be completed in class and can be adapted to any grade level that might be working with this text.

Trapped By The Ice Activities

Re-Write a Passage

After reading Trapped by the Ice!, each student will either select or be assigned several sections of the book. Since the book is broken into events by dates, this should be easy to do. Students will re-write their sections in the first person perspective, imagining how the actual crewmembers might feel about these events.

You can ask students to re-write all of their sections from the perspective of a single individual, or you can ask them to re-write each section from a different character's perspective. In either case, students should focus on how people would feel in these experiences, as well as what they would see, hear, etc., on their journey.

  • Materials: Copies of Trapped by the Ice! and/or specific selections from that book


As they read Trapped by the Ice!, students will create a timeline of events. For each entry on their timeline, they should write out what happened and who was involved. You can make these timelines pretty straightforward, or you can ask students to make these timelines more complex. Here are some options for doing so:

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