Treating Your Customers with Respect

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Larry Tinker
In this lesson, we will explore some simple ways to show your customer respect. Knowing a few simple ways to show your customer they are important will go a long way in keeping them as a loyal customer.

Respect: A Customer Service Foundation

Treating a customer with respect is not always an easy task, especially when they are upset and have found a way to be 'creative' with their use of the English language. However, whether it is a good situation or bad situation, a customer service representative must always display respect to their customer. Respect is the foundation of customer service excellence.

Customer service call centers across the nation record all of the incoming calls that their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) handle. Each call is monitored, critiqued and rated to guarantee professionalism and excellence in customer service skills are being displayed by each CSR. Unfortunately, respect cannot be monitored in every business setting. Whether you are in a call center setting, storefront, or office, it is crucial that every customer is given the respect they need to walk away satisfied and happy. That being said, let's go over some ways to ensure you are being respectful to your customers.

Remember the Basics

Think back to when you were a child and learning how to act in a social setting. Perhaps your mother reminded you to look at grandma and grandpa when they spoke to you. Or maybe you had to be reminded to chew with your mouth closed at the dinner table. These are things that need to become second nature to a person in the professional world, as common courtesy seems to have gone to the wayside in our culture. Just like mom's nudges, there may be times when we need some gentle reminders along the way as adults.

Make it your priority to greet the customer in a friendly, inviting manner. If you know their name, be sure to address them personally. Also, do not eat or chew gum during an interaction with a customer. Even on a phone call, one may not realize just how loud it can be. Remember, above all, to always be polite and courteous. Never interrupt the customer during your conversation.

If you are in a face-to-face setting, eye contact shows them they have your undivided attention. Remember, you should never allow incoming personal phone calls, texts, or other employees draw you away from your top priority, the customer. They need to know that you are listening to their needs and concerns.

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