Treating Your Employees With Respect

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Being a great leader requires many skills and attributes. One of the most critical is showing respect for your team and setting an example for your employees. This lesson will discuss respect in greater detail.

Treating Your Employees with Respect

As a leader, showing respect to your team members is one of the most significant factors in your ability to earn loyalty and trust from your employees. On the other hand, nothing destroys the effectiveness of a manager more than being demanding, controlling, and degrading to your team. Too often managers think they deserve respect because of their title or position. While a manager may have employees who fear him because of his position, the title does not automatically earn respect. The person holding the position must earn the team's respect.

When you treat your employees with respect, you listen, value their opinions, show kindness, and keep your word. Unfortunately, many managers do not remember that respect is earned and your employees will likely mirror the level of respect that you show towards them.

Five Steps

As a manager, there are five key steps to being a respectful leader:

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