Trends in Mobile Marketing

Trends in Mobile Marketing
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  • 0:03 What Is Mobile Marketing?
  • 0:34 Benefits of Mobile Marketing
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield
Smartphones have revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers. With the use of mobile marketing, efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities has increased. This lesson explains how mobile marketing works.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

One of the greatest aspects of marketing is its flexibility and adaptability to changing needs. As consumers' habits have evolved, so has marketing. One of the next trends is mobile marketing, messages that are sent to a consumer's cell phone or personal device.

Have you received a text with an offer or special from one of your favorite companies? If so, you have been a recipient of mobile marketing. Some companies use voice messaging as a form of mobile marketing. This provides an additional way to personalize the communication with your customers.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Let's imagine you go to a local day spa for all of your personal and beauty needs. In fact, you find yourself there almost weekly for a massage, haircut, or facial. You recently signed up for their mobile messages and have benefited from several offers they have texted you. One offer was only for 24 hours and saved you 50% off a massage. Another offer encouraged you to set an appointment with a new stylist who just started at the spa.

There are many benefits of mobile marketing. It is immediate, inexpensive, and can reach a core market very easily. With the growing popularity of smart phones, you can connect with a huge portion of your clientele quickly. You can also tailor messages based on interest or needs of clients. Having the benefit of mobile marketing gives you added flexibility when communicating with your customers.

The emergence of mobile marketing in the early 2000s has revolutionized how companies approach communicating with their clients. There are many trends, but here are a few to highlight.

Use of Apps

We are now seeing a more robust use of apps, or applications and programs like games and shopping programs typically for phones and tablets. These apps give customers easy access to their favorite merchants. Rather than searching a company's website, they can quickly log into the app and see specials, set appointments, make purchases, or chat with a representative. This allows immediate and easy interaction between consumers and businesses.

As the number of smartphone users continues to increase and the number of tech-savvy merchants grows, it is likely that features will continue to be added.

Ads in Existing Social Media

The inclusion of ads in various social media programs, such as Instagram and Snapchat, is becoming increasingly common. Because these are very popular programs, used on mobile devices by millions of users, adding ads that are targeted to the user, based on past searches, interests, or purchases, and integrated into the content users want to see can allow companies to match their product to the most likely buyers. As popular apps continue to evolve, the advertising and marketing within them will also change.

New Format, Fast Format

Additionally, the format and context of advertising on a mobile device has evolved to match consumer activity. People process digital information very quickly and spend little time digesting content on their devices. Advertisements must fit the new mold of how to attract the attention of users. By offering very fast, short, instantaneous messages, companies can get more impact and consideration from consumers.

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