Triggers in SQL: Example & Syntax

Instructor: David Gloag
When certain information is important, it is often useful to know when something happens that might affect that information. In this lesson, we'll take a look at SQL, what triggers are, where triggers are used, and their syntax.

Information - A Powerful Ally

We capture information, store information, and analyze information. Let's face it; information lets us do a lot of things. Weather information gives us insight into what we might expect over the short term; financial information shows us whether a business is profitable; and medical information leads us to new discoveries. It makes sense then that many people want to access available information. Clearly, security measures help with people that have malicious intent and simply keeps them out. But what about people that don't have malicious intent? What about the people that should be accessing the information and perhaps make a mistake? There a number of possibilities. One in particular involves a silent watchdog, a feature of SQL called triggers.

What is SQL?

Structured Query Language, or SQL for short, is a language that facilitates interaction with a database. Interaction takes place through the use of commands, which can be combined. Many types of interaction are possible, including; storing, retrieving, sorting, and searching. In other words, almost any operation you can think of, or perform on, information. SQL was first developed by IBM in the early 1970's, and later released as a product by Oracle (1979). These days, it has become a standard for database access. Many companies now use it and some even offer it as part of their product lines.

What is an SQL Trigger?

An SQL trigger is an SQL feature that provides the ability for a database to recognize and react to an external event. By external event, we mean something particular that is perhaps out of the ordinary or of interest. For example, say you are baking a cake. Further, say you set a timer that rings when the cake has finished baking. The ring would be an external event that you are interested in because it lets you know to take the cake out of the oven. A trigger is a stored piece of SQL code that gets executed when an event of interest occurs. It must be set to recognize the event and it must be told what to do when the event occurs. After that, the trigger silently waits for the particular event to occur and then automatically takes the specified action.

What are SQL Triggers Used for?

SQL triggers are used for a number of things. They include:

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