Trigonometric Art Project Ideas

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has taught high school history in several states with a master's degree in teaching.

Trigonometry can be an overwhelming concept for some students to wrap their head around. Using these art projects with your high school trigonometry students will help them get excited about the course and understand the key concepts.

Trigonometric Art Projects

Often coupled with a high school advanced algebra class, trigonometry is the study of functions of angles and the relationships between sides and angles of triangles. Studying trigonometry involves already having a basic understanding of many other components of mathematics. These projects work best at the beginning of the year, when you are first peaking student interest in the study of trigonometry. They are designed with high school or even college students in mind. There are opportunities for both individual and group work.

Exploring the Desmos Calculator

A key part to success in a trigonometry class is having a graphing calculator which, unfortunately, can be very pricey. There is, however, an online calculator called the Desmos Calculator that functions like the best graphing calculators. A neat component of the Desmos Calculator is that it graphs lines and functions beautifully and clearly.

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