Tuck Everlasting Chapter 14 Summary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

In chapter fourteen of ''Tuck Everlasting'' by Natalie Babbitt, Winnie prepares to spend her first night away from home at the Tucks' cottage in the wood.

First Night Away from Home

Winnie Foster wanted an adventure, but she may have gotten more than she bargained for. At ten years old, Winnie has barely been out of her yard. When she decides to explore the wood near her home, she meets the Tucks, a family that has been living in isolation so that no one will find out their secret to eternal life. When Winnie accidentally stumbles upon it, the Tucks kidnap her in desperation so they can take time to convince her to keep their secret. However, a stranger that Winnie met the night before follows them to the Tucks' house. He steals the Tucks' horse and rides to Winnie's home to tell her family, who has been up worrying. In this lesson, we'll learn how Winnie spends the night away from home for the very first time in chapter 14 of Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

Mae Checks on Winnie

Mae, the mother of the Tuck family, sends everyone to bed as she prepares the sofa for Winnie to sleep in. But would you be okay sleeping in a filthy house full of strangers? Especially one where the sofa is uncomfortable and smells badly? Winnie uses a hard seat cushion as a pillow and does not have any pajamas to wear.

As she tosses and turns, Winnie imagines that the stranger has told her family where to look for her by now. Mae walks in to check on her and interrupts Winnie's thoughts. Mae worries over Winnie, apologizing for keeping Winnie away from her family. But she also lets her know how happy the family is to have her there. 'I guess we don't know how to do with visitors. But still and all, it's a good feeling, you being here with us. I wish you was . . . ours,' says Mae.

Tuck Checks on Winnie

After Mae goes to bed, Tuck, the father, walks in to say goodnight to Winnie. Winnie feels honored when Tuck offers to sit with her until she falls asleep. Although she refuses, she recognizes that the Tucks are treating her well. Winnie begins to worry about what will happen to them when her father finds them. In the midst of her confusion, Jesse comes down to visit her.

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