Tuck Everlasting Chapter 18 Summary

Instructor: Sarah Garrett

Sarah has taught secondary English and holds a master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction

Have you ever wished you could be part of a different family? In Chapter 18 of 'Tuck Everlasting', Winnie contemplates what life would be like with a family so starkly different from her own.

Back to the Tuck House


It has proved a whirlwind 24 hours for Winnie Foster. One day ago she knew nothing of the Tuck family or the magical spell that holds them captive. She did not know that a family could function in a cluttered, disheveled house. Winnie did not know she would go fishing for the first time, nor did she know she would learn to feel so fondly for people she had just met.

After the fishing trip with Miles, Chapter 18 opens back at the Tuck residence. Since Miles and Winnie came back without a fish, the family eats flapjacks again for breakfast. Mae asks if they caught anything, and not wanting to embarrass Winnie; he replies, ''Nothing we wanted to keep.'' Now that Winnie has decided to keep the Tuck family secret, Miles keeps her secret about releasing the fish they caught.

Winnie begins to think about seeing Jessie again, and her stomach begins to flutter. Jesse finally comes downstairs and Mae comments on him being a slug-a-bed, meaning a person who sleeps longer than everyone else. Mae fixes Jesse's plate and tells him that Miles and Winnie have already been out fishing. Everyone is served, and they begin to eat. Mae comments that it is so nice to have everyone there, especially Winnie. Miles and Jesse agree, and Winnie feels, ''...a rush of happiness.''

Tuck reminds them all that there is much to discuss, beginning with the stolen horse. Mae insists they will talk after everyone eats. Without a thought, Winnie licks the syrup off her fingers, something she would have never done at her house. Her home was always pristine, and she was never dirty. She looks around at the untidy, yet charming room and for a moment wishes she could stay with them, and maybe when she was 17, she could be with Jesse. She thinks to herself, '' Perhaps they were crazy, but they weren't criminals. She loved them. They belonged to her.''

A Knock at the Door

A Knock at the Door
old door

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