Tuck Everlasting Chapter 19 Summary

Instructor: Sarah Garrett

Sarah has taught secondary English and holds a master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction

In Chapter 19 of 'Tuck Everlasting,' the man in the yellow suit comes to the Tuck house to take Winnie home. He reveals his knowledge of the family secret and the chapter ends in disaster.

The Man in the Yellow Suit

The chapter opens with the man in the yellow suit coming into the house. He stares around the room and Winnie has an instant feeling of uneasiness. He looks at Winnie and declares, ''You're safe now, Winifred. I've come to take you home.''

Tuck rises and answers him by saying they were going to bring her back that day, and she had not been in any danger. The man tells them all to sit down because he has ''a great deal to say.''

The man in the yellow suit begins to tell a story about his life. He tells them that when he was growing up, his grandmother would tell him stories about one of her friends that came to live with her for awhile.

The friend had married into a rather odd family. She married the older of two boys and had two children. After years passed, she realized that her husband was not getting older, and eventually left him because she though he was involved with witchcraft. The man in the yellow suit relays that he remembers playing with the children. At this point, Miles bursts out ''Anna!''

Mae also has an outburst, but the man continues his story. He then says that the thought of not growing older had led him in a lifelong search for the family and the source of their immortality. After decades of no luck, he almost gave up. One day, when visiting his ailing grandmother, he gave her a music box. This reminded her that the woman with ''the family that never grew old'' also had a music box.

Mae gently touches the pocket of her skirt. The man in the yellow suit continues saying that his grandmother taught him the tune of that particular music box that she had learned from the children. Since this time, twenty years had passed, and he admits that he never forgot the tune.

He had recently began his search anew. He heard the song coming from the woods and had waited patiently to see where it was coming from. After seeing Mae, he had followed her back to the house and heard her tell Winnie their story.

The Proposition

Tuck asks what his plan is. The man in the yellow suit smiles and proclaims that the Foster family had given him the wood in exchange for bringing Winnie home. He shows them the legal papers and declares that he is going to sell the water. Tuck yells in protest, and the man says that he will not sell it to just anyone, and the price will be extremely high. ''Who wouldn't give a fortune to live forever?''

He continues and says that he wants the Tuck family to show him the spring and help him advertise the water. He wants them to do demonstrations showing how they cannot die. Jesse says that he will not be a freak. The man retorts that he can do it without them, but that the least he could do was give them the offer. He says it will make them money so they do not have to continue living like pigs.

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