Tuck Everlasting Chapter 21 Summary

Instructor: Sarah Garrett

Sarah has taught secondary English and holds a master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction

In Chapter 21 of Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, Winnie returns home to her family. In this lesson Winnie contemplates what will happen to the man in the yellow suit and eventually learns that he has died.

Time Alone

Night sky similar to the one Winnie sees
night sky

In the beginning of chapter 21, Winnie pulls her rocking chair up to her window, begins to rock in it, and thinks of how it soothes her. She replays the evenings events in her head. The constable brought her home and her family ran to meet her. They cried over her while hugging and kissing her. The constable told them how Winnie claimed she had gone with the Tuck family of her own free will, but her grandmother interjects, ''It was the elves. We heard them. They must have bewitched her.''

After the constable leaves, Winnie bathes and her family barrages her with questions concerning the Tuck family. Winnie states that she went with them because she wanted to, and that they had been very kind to her. However, her parents pay little attention to her claims because at this point they consider Mae Tuck a murderer. Winnie asks them about the woods. They inform her that they really did sell it and wonder what will happen if the man in the yellow suit dies.

They soon put her to bed and Winnie notices that they are treating her differently than they did before, '' As if some part of her had slipped away.'' Winnie admits that she feels different. She had now had an experience that was completely separate from her family, and they would never be able to understand how she felt. Winnie feels tied to her family, like she always has, but she now feels inextricably (closely joined or related) tied to the Tuck family as well.

Winnie continues to sit in her rocking chair looking out of her window at the sky. She sees heat lightning and begins to long for a thunderstorm. Winnie closes her eyes briefly and immediately sees a vision of the man in the yellow suit, crippled and motionless. She admits that she does not want him to die because she does not want Mae to go to jail. She also feels that if his intentions really were to sell the water from the spring then it is a good thing Mae shot him.

A Visitor

police officer like the constable


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