Tuck Everlasting Chapter 25 Summary

Instructor: Sarah Garrett

Sarah has taught secondary English and holds a master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction

Chapter 25 is the last chapter in Tuck Everlasting. In this chapter, the reader learns what happens after Winnie helps Mae Tuck escape from jail and how Winnie uses the magic water that Jesse gave her.

Two Weeks Later

Chapter 25 opens two weeks after the jailbreak. Winnie sits on the grass in her yard, and the reader learns that no member of the Tuck family has been found. Winnie then reviews the events of that evening.

Soon after switching with Mae, the constable comes to shutter the window and does not return until the morning. Winnie laid awake all night trying to look as large as possible. She remembered how difficult it was not to cough or make noises that would give her away. While in the jail, she heard a horrible crash and found out the next morning that the gallows had been blown over by the wind.

Winnie then recounts the next morning. The constable had come into the cell with a breakfast tray. When he looked in and realized what had happened, he became furious. He began berating her saying that she was an accomplice in freeing a murderer, and if she were older, she would be charged with a crime.

Soon, her parents came to get her and voice their disappointment as well. ''They had trusted her. They had tried to bring her up properly...They did not understand.'' At this, Winnie sobbed and explained that she helped because the Tuck's were her friends and she loved them.

Winnie admits that the village was hard on her parents, and it caused her great pain. They were proud people, and she had brought them shame. On an interesting note, the children of the village now found Winnie interesting. Even though Winnie was now confined to the yard, the children came by to talk to her and were impressed by what she did. Winnie states that before they thought she was too perfect to be a real friend, but not anymore.

The Toad

A Toad like the one Winnie sees

Suddenly, Winnie sees the toad pop out of the weeds, and this time, it is on her side of the road, close enough for her to touch. At the same moment, a large dog came down the road towards her. The dog sees Winnie then the toad and begins to bark.

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