Tundra Biome Project Ideas

Instructor: Kristen Goode

Kristen has been an educator for 25+ years - as a classroom teacher, a school administrator, and a university instructor. She holds a doctorate in Education Leadership.

The tundra biome, known to be the coldest of all biomes, is most commonly associated with Arctic regions of the earth. This lesson focusses on the many interesting characteristics associated with the tundra biome.

Tundra Biome

There is much to learn about the tundra biome. To make the topic interesting for students, it is recommended that they be invited to complete tundra themed projects. The following projects have been developed for use with students of all ages as a means of developing understanding of the tundra biome and all that it entails.


Use this lesson to help students visualize the tundra biome.

Materials: writing paper, (or computer access for writing), shoe box (or something similar), glue, construction paper, markers, cotton, and any other artifacts that students might want to include in a diorama.

  • Students will begin by composing a written description of the tundra biome that includes:
    • Climate and weather
    • Visual appearance
    • Animals native to the biome
    • Vegetation native to the biome
    • Anything else of interest about the biome
  • Next, using their shoe boxes, have students create a diorama depicting what might be a scene out of the tundra biome.
    • Encourage addition of animals and/or vegetation native to this part of the world.
    • Encourage visual representation of climate, land surface, and water.
    • Remind students that the scene they create must be supported by what they have written.
  • When complete, have students present their written work and their diorama to the class.

Compare to Another Biome

In this activity, students will have to research another biome in order to do a comparison.

Materials: computer access for research (and/or other forms of research) large piece of paper, markers or colored pencils

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