Types of Employee Training Programs

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  • 0:06 Types of Training Programs
  • 0:42 Literacy Training
  • 1:25 Interpersonal Skills Training
  • 2:07 Technology Training
  • 2:48 Problem-Solving Training
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Kat Kadian-Baumeyer

Kat has a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management and teaches Business courses.

There are several types of employee training programs. Employees may receive basic literacy training, interpersonal skills training, technical training, problem-solving training and diversity or sensitivity training. Each type of training targets a different facet of an organization's overall culture and performance.

Types of Training Programs

Most businesses offer their employees some type of training. Managers know that the investment in employee training programs in a wide variety of areas is important to the bottom line, or profitability, of the business. In this lesson, we will take a look at how the implementation of several types of employee training programs is used as well as those programs' benefits aboard the Breezy Ocean cruise ship, including:

  • Literacy training
  • Interpersonal skills training
  • Technical training
  • Problem-solving training
  • Diversity or sensitivity training

Literacy Training

Breezy Ocean's crew is hired from all over the world. Many of the crew do not speak English, the official language of the ship. Problems arose when passengers had special requests, like food and drink preferences, asked for lounge locations and, most importantly, needed safety instructions.

Basic literacy training is training for things like reading, writing and problem-solving skills. Once the crew learned how to read, write and understand the written word to solve problems, they were better able to communicate with passengers. There are several benefits to literacy training for employees. Employees will be more likely to:

  • Meet company goals
  • Perform job tasks
  • Understand work processes
  • Work in teams
  • Make decisions
  • Learn technology

Interpersonal Skills Training

Breezy Ocean's crew lived in small cabins on the bottom deck of the ship. Tight quarters often led to tensions on the high seas. Crew members fought over things like privacy and space for their personal belongings.

Interpersonal skills training is training on how to maintain positive relationships, communicate better, resolve conflicts and build trust. This training was offered to every member of the crew. There are several benefits to interpersonal skills training for employees. Employees will be more likely to:

  • Get along with each other
  • Exchange positive communication
  • Minimize conflict
  • Influence others to be positive

Technology Training

Breezy Ocean is a high-tech ship with lots of different technologies on board, like the ship's cruising system, the lounge, theater lighting, cash registers and lifeboats. Crew members needed to be proficient in technology in order to operate on a day-to-day basis and in an emergency situation.

Technology training is training on computer software and hardware offered to specific crew members depending on their position. There are several benefits to offering technological training to employees. Employees will be more likely to:

  • Perform at higher standards
  • Have more self-confidence
  • Develop higher skill levels
  • Perform many different tasks

Problem-Solving Training

Because so much can happen aboard the Breezy Ocean, it is important that employees are trained to make split-second decisions. Rough seas, power failures, fire or even running out of margarita mix can cause a serious situation at sea. Crew members need to work together and quickly solve any problem that occurs.

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