Types of Facilities: Manufacturing, Industry & Service

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  • 0:01 A Very Large Business
  • 0:39 Manufacturing
  • 2:30 Retail
  • 3:17 Service
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

In this video lesson, you will take a tour of a very large business that has all kinds of facilities that allow the business to handle everything it needs to. After finishing the lesson, take a quiz to test your understanding of these facilities.

A Very Large Business

In this lesson, we're going on a tour of the Make-All Sell-All Company. This company is amazing! It is famous for selling very affordable items, and even though these items are affordable, they are by no means cheap in quality. In fact, the quality of these items is also amazingly good! One very popular item that this company sells is the flashlight that also doubles as a heater. Customers love this item when camping and for emergencies. Today, we are touring this company to see how they are able to sell all their quality items at such affordable prices.


The first place we visit is the manufacturing facility of the company. The manufacturing facility is the facility where the business builds its products. Another name for this type of facility is an industrial facility. The company has both heavy manufacturing facilities as well as light industrial facilities. It is in the heavy manufacturing facilities that the company makes all of their very large and very bulky items, such as their large-screen televisions. It is in the light industrial facilities that the company makes their small items, such as their glasses with a little computer screen in the corner.

Looking at their facilities, it's amazing how smoothly everything is working. The company representative tells us that making their own products and keeping their processes smooth are a couple ways they keep prices low and quality high.

Not all businesses are like Make-All Sell-All, though, and the definition of heavy and light manufacturing can vary depending on the company. Looking at other businesses, we see that it is in heavy manufacturing facilities that large, complex items are made. For example, the automotive, heavy equipment, shipbuilding and aircraft industries all require heavy manufacturing facilities. Heavy industrial facilities can also produce materials like refined oil and steel products.

In light industrial facilities, smaller items, such as furniture, clothing, and toiletries, are produced. As mentioned before, the meaning of heavy and light manufacturing can vary greatly depending on the company. While Make-All Sell-All's heavy manufacturing facility makes things like televisions, the heavy industrial facility down the road makes cars and trucks. In other words, what qualifies as a heavy manufacturing facility in one business might qualify as a light manufacturing facility when compared to other businesses.


The next place we visit is one of Make-All Sell-All's retail locations. The retail facility is the facility that sells products to the general public. It's here that customers can browse through aisles and aisles full of really cool items that the company makes. Here is also where customers purchase these items. The company representative says that running their own retail facilities also helps keep prices low.

If you walk around any shopping center, you will see many retail shops. Some of these are selling their own products. Others sell products from several manufacturers along with their own products, if they make them. For example, the local gift shop might sell products from various local artists as well as gift items that they make.

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